Susan G. Komen vs. Planned Parenthood – SAD!

The recent heated discussion…The Susan G. Komen (SGK) organization will not be giving more grants to Planned Parenthood (PP) for breast cancer screenings. It’s not because of obvious reasons. Read on…

My Response:

Please take a closer look… SGK is not taking $ away from those who need it most! (And PP is THE only avenue where “people who need it the most” receive help?) Just the opposite.

SGK is doing all women and supporters a favor by using $ more efficiently (going forward, not even rescinding current grants) by helping women, more directly (PP wasn’t doing that, making the screening process more costly).

It’s unfortunate that PP has made this into a political fight about one’s leaning in abortion. Shame on you, PP, for demonizing SGK. You’ve done ALL WOMEN a disservice in mislabeling SGK to further your own desire for their $.

Furthermore, even if the SGK decision was based on the investigation of PP, even more of a reason for SGK to put their $ into groups that are clearly not having issues that can potentially take even more $ away from “those who need it most.”

PP – Revamp the way you use your grant from SGK to help your women in a more direct and measurable way (like any responsible company) and SGK said they’d give more $ to you in the future. It’s that simple.

PP, please don’t try to divide people from an organization trying to do their best to help all women. This is not about abortion, it’s about ending breast cancer.

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